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From Tikal we drove to the Rio Dulce. The Rio Dulce is on the Caribbean side of Guatemala and where many cruising boat go to wait out hurricane season. We thought we would check it out and see if it was a place we would like to visit by boat. Our expectations were not very high to begin with but as we toured Guatemala the inevitable happened. The Rio Dulce is no longer on the maybe we will visit list, it is squarely on the do not miss list of places to visit with Samadhi. It may take us a few years or it might be this summer but we will be back and we will bring Samadhi up the river into the estuary of the Rio Dulce and continue our Guatemalan exploration.

We also visited a beautiful colonial town called Antigua. Antigua was formally the capital of Guatemala and it shows in its grandeur. The streets are cobblestone. The buildings are from the Spanish colonial era. Our hotel was built in 1688 and was breathtaking. We pasted a Subway restaurant in a building that was built 200 years ago. The town centro was beautiful and had pictures of many of the picturesque places of Guatemala. We had the best pupusas we have ever eaten from a small little restaurant smaller than Ashley’s closet in our old house. We visited a church from the early 1600’s and I tried to explain Catholicism to my two rational and intelligent children. We were able to see a volcano erupting and at night were even able to see the lava flowing from the crater.

Our time in Guatemala was priceless and we encourage anyone to visit.

Exploring the grounds of our first hotel
Victoria defending and losing her crown to Alexander for top Fooseball player!
Breakfast fresh (like minutes) from the garden
Alexander playing with a little Guatemalan boy at our hotel in the Rio Dulce
Victoria and Alexander buying Nani and Grandma Murphy souvenirs straight from the artisan
Our hotel in Antigua
Exploring the streets of this Spanish colonial town
Town center in Antigua
The church in the center of Antigua
Alexander and Victoria learning more about Guatemala
Seeing places they have already been…
Learning about places they want to see on our next visit.
They agreed that this was their favorite sign. Showing all the fresh locally grown food.
Former government buildings from when Antigua was the capital of Guatemala
A picture of the eruption above Antigua in 2018
A Wendy’s in a 200 year old building.
Streets that were not designed for the modern way of travel, but they make it work.
Exploring the town on foot. Check out all the cobblestone.
From a restaurant smaller than Ashley’s closet in our old house.

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