The most amazing falafel

Grandpa came over this morning to grab the kids for a craft on their boat. Ashley and Dan ran back over to Squirrel Cove to get off the boat for a bit. We’ve eaten 3 meals a day on the boat for the past 11 days so we got something to eat for lunch and some ice cream. Maybe it’s the 30+ meals of her own cooking that Ashley’s endured but she thought Squirrel Cove Take Out had the best falafel with yam fries she’s ever tasted! The sea salt and caramel ice cream in a waffle cone was perfect as well. We also visited the Cortes Island Arts & Crafts store for some neat items made on the island. We were anxious to see the kids so picked them up then went hiking. The trails on Cortes Island are user maintained and even though there was some windfall yesterday the hike was pretty good. Today we decided to take a different trail and ended up on the most primitive, windfallen trail we’ve ever done. It was pretty miserable for about 90 minutes before we got to a trail that had has recent maintenance. It turned out to only be about 4 miles but the kids amazed us with their resilience, as usual. They took it for an opportunity to jump off the fallen logs or to go under them. They had a few moments where we thought they might lose it… but honestly, I think the 4 adults did too. They just didn’t vocalize it quite as loudly. Today is Dorothy & Dennis’s anniversary so after dinner we went over for fresh blackberry cobbler. It was our last night in Desolation so we played some cards and said our goodbyes.

Squirrel Cove

Dan and Ashley got up early for this trip, 7am, and readied Samadhi for her next destination. We weighed anchor by 8am and headed over to Refuge Cove to fuel up. Apparently, all of Desolation Sound had this same idea as the fuel dock was packed by the time we got there. We decided to push on to Squirrel Cove. Squirrel was pretty much empty so we had our choice of places to drop the anchor. We got ourselves settled and a little while later Dorothy and Dennis arrived. The kids went over to Slojourn for a visit and Dan & Ashley took the dinghy over to the little community of Squirrel Cove which is about 3nm outside of the anchorage. We were down to only apples for fresh fruit so got some plums, pears and fresh figs. We hiked from our anchorage to one on the other side of the island, Von Donop. After dinner we took the dinghy into the lagoon and met up with Dorothy and Dennis, they’d kayaked over a little earlier. The rapids change direction based on the tide so we got quite the push into the lagoon. After playing in the lagoon we decided to head back out. The tide hadn’t changed yet and the rapids were still flowing into the lagoon so it was a bit of an adventure to get out.

Laura & Melanie Cove Fun –

The plan for this morning is to hike from Laura Cove to Melanie but it’s pouring rain so we got a late start. It was still raining during the hike and we got pretty soaked but it was nice to be able to do a long shore activity (safely, without the threat of bears). The afternoon cleared up nicely so we took the dinghy out to Otter Island about 1.5miles outside of the cove. We were pretty disappointed that we didn’t see any otters so went back to Grampa John Rock for swimming and Alex’s rowing. He wanted to row from Grampa John Rock all the way back to Samadhi so we thought we’d let him go until he got tired. He rowed the whole way! .39nm! He’s the most amazing 4 year old ever! We got some video for his Harvard Crew application, even though that’s 14 years away.