Squirrel Cove

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Dan and Ashley got up early for this trip, 7am, and readied Samadhi for her next destination. We weighed anchor by 8am and headed over to Refuge Cove to fuel up. Apparently, all of Desolation Sound had this same idea as the fuel dock was packed by the time we got there. We decided to push on to Squirrel Cove. Squirrel was pretty much empty so we had our choice of places to drop the anchor. We got ourselves settled and a little while later Dorothy and Dennis arrived. The kids went over to Slojourn for a visit and Dan & Ashley took the dinghy over to the little community of Squirrel Cove which is about 3nm outside of the anchorage. We were down to only apples for fresh fruit so got some plums, pears and fresh figs. We hiked from our anchorage to one on the other side of the island, Von Donop. After dinner we took the dinghy into the lagoon and met up with Dorothy and Dennis, they’d kayaked over a little earlier. The rapids change direction based on the tide so we got quite the push into the lagoon. After playing in the lagoon we decided to head back out. The tide hadn’t changed yet and the rapids were still flowing into the lagoon so it was a bit of an adventure to get out.

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