Laura & Melanie Cove Fun –

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The plan for this morning is to hike from Laura Cove to Melanie but it’s pouring rain so we got a late start. It was still raining during the hike and we got pretty soaked but it was nice to be able to do a long shore activity (safely, without the threat of bears). The afternoon cleared up nicely so we took the dinghy out to Otter Island about 1.5miles outside of the cove. We were pretty disappointed that we didn’t see any otters so went back to Grampa John Rock for swimming and Alex’s rowing. He wanted to row from Grampa John Rock all the way back to Samadhi so we thought we’d let him go until he got tired. He rowed the whole way! .39nm! He’s the most amazing 4 year old ever! We got some video for his Harvard Crew application, even though that’s 14 years away.

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