EPIC day – rock climbing, splashing Samadhi in waterfalls and a grizzly bear!

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The head of Toba inlet is so absolutely beautiful but there isn’t much to do on shore, especially not with little kids, so it’s time for us to head back down into Desolation Sound. We weighed anchor by 9am and set off to look at some of the waterfalls we saw while we were coming up the inlet. We didn’t take the time to explore them on the way up so we plan to stop on the way back down. We found one that cascaded into a bunch of pools and from the water we could see that there were ropes tied on the rock faces as well as some ladders. We got Samadhi out into deep water, actually it’s all deep… you are in 100’ depths when you’re 20’ off the shore. So, we got her out into open water, I should say, where she could drift without hitting anything and we all climbed into the dinghy to explore the waterfall pools. Dan went up first and got the dinghy tied up and brought the ropes down to where we could use them to get ourselves up the rock face. Then we used to ladder to get up onto the first ledge. Unfortunately, it wasn’t safe to actually get the kids to the pools – the water rushes quickly through them then cascades down but it was still neat. Dan continued up the ropes and got quite a bit higher than Ashley & the kids. Once we were done he got them to the dinghy and Ashley went down 1 level to a place where you could safely access the pools. She washed her hair and bathed and then Dan came over for a wash up. We dinghied back over to Samadhi and Ashley and the kids got onboard. Dan took off in the dinghy to get some fresh water into the solar shower and explore the next waterfall. Ashley motored Samadhi over towards him then they traded places. She got into the dinghy with the camera and he motored Samadhi right under the waterfall. It was so beautiful to see Samadhi under the falls. Once we were back underway we got a call from Dorothy on the vhf that they found a grizzly bear on the river bank at Brem Bay. We took off over towards them and were very impressed with his size. We didn’t want to drop the anchor, it’s not a quick process, so Dennis came over in a kayak and towed the other. He climbed aboard Samadhi to safely motor her about with the kids.  Ashley climbed into his kayak and Dan into the other and we were able to go check out the grizzly. After we’d had enough bear watching we kayaked back to Samadhi and traded places. Dennis kayaked back to Slojourn to weigh anchor and we continued back down Toba inlet. What a morning we’ve had, it’s only noon! There wasn’t enough wind to sail out of Toba Inlet so we motored all the way down. We got blasted with 20kts on the nose as we were leaving Toba but it too eventually died and we didn’t get any sailing in. Laura Cove was packed when we went in so we went around to Prideux Haven. There was enough room for us to anchor without tying the stern to shore. We quickly got ourselves ready to go over to Grampa John Rock (named by us) for swimming and for Alex to row around in his little boat.



looking closely you can see the network of ladders and ropes
looking closely you can see the network of ladders and ropes
1 kid part way up
next kid heading up
next kid heading up
next kid heading up
up next is the ladders
almost there
Samadhi adrift in the middle of Toba Inlet
3rd tier
3rd tier
Dan continuing to climb the rock wall
Dan checking things out
Way up there
Ranger decided to hang out in the dinghy
Ashley & kids at the 3rd tier
Ashley & kids at the 3rd tier
Ashley & kids at the 3rd tier


Samadhi splashing in waterfalls
Samadhi splashing in waterfalls
Samadhi splashing in waterfalls
Samadhi splashing in waterfalls


Dennis in his kayak as we approached


Wow, there’s a grizzly!


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