Another work day

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Tough day for Ranger the Boat Dog and Sonny the Sailor Cat

Hanging out on Slojourn
Hanging out on Slojourn
Samadhi in Toba
Hanging out on Slojourn
Hanging out on Slojourn
Samadhi in Toba

Today is a work day on the boat. After breakfast Dan took the kids over to stay with Grandma on her boat. His project is to work on more wiring. Our DC breaker panel has 20 circuits on it, quite a few not used, while some circuits have more than they really should wired to them. While he did that Ashley chased down a water leak and did some miscellaneous projects and put things away. We picked up the kids and went up the other river here, the Tuhumming River. You can only get a few hundred yards up river before you’re stopped by rapids but it was still neat to explore. We saw lots of salmon jumping so went back to tell Dennis and the other sailboat here about the salmon, since both like to fish. After dinner Grandma & Grandpa came over to play cards.

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