Puerto Penasco

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The time came for us to pick up anchor and make our last passage of the season to Puerto Penasco. It was a little over 100 miles of open Sea to nearly the top of the Sea of Cortez. The winds are notoriously unstable and the seas are equally so. We set out with our buddy boat in the afternoon hoping for calm seas and fair winds for our final passage. Poseidon must have been feeling good because that is pretty much what we got. We did have to motor for the first few hours but later on in the evening there was enough wind for us to sail and it held for most of the night and into the morning. We arrived in the morning and after checking in with the port captain and clearing the health protocol we and  S/V Saarelill were safely on the dock preparing to be hauled out.  It took two days of nonstop preparation and packing to get Samadhi ready to be hauled out. And once we were hauled out Ashley and the kids spent another two days packing and stowing all of our “stuff” for the summer. I, on the other hand, took a shuttle to Phoenix AZ as soon as Samadhi was properly positioned in her summer time land based parking spot. My mission was to buy a car that was big enough for us to pack all the things we would need for a summer of hiking, camping, biking and living in an RV for the next 5 months. Before leaving I loaded up with enough hand sanitizer for a family of 4, a box of rubber gloves, and three facemasks. I knew exactly the car I was going to buy and I planned to install a cargo carrier on top before returning to Mexico later on that day or worse case tomorrow. Well that is not exactly how it went. I ended up getting back three days later with a different car but it did have a cargo carrier on top as planned.

When I arrived back to Samadhi at 7am Ashley had a huge pile of “must go” stuff and another big pile of “hopefully will fit” stuff. Victoria, Alexander and I commenced loading while Ashley applied the final touches to the cleaning and details needed for storing a boat for 5 months. I should note that as soon as we arrived in Puerto Penasco we all were ready to get out of there. It was not because of the town. The town was actually really great and the people were so friendly and helpful. It was because it was hot high 90’s every day. It was also because we were no longer cruising and we as a family had quickly switched gears to go explore inland. As soon as the kids and I had the car loaded and Ashley finished her tasks, we all said our goodbyes to Samadhi and then we all piled into the car and began the long drive to Seattle WA.

Our last passage sunrise of the season
Alexander up in the rigging helping to prepare Samadhi for the boatyard
Loaded up and ready to say goodbye to Samadhi

All packed up and on the road

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