Kid Boat Meet-Up underneath a Volcano

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Our new plan for the summer was to pull Samadhi out of the water in a town called Puerto Penasco and tour the US in an RV until it cools off a little and the hurricanes are not longer a threat in the Sea of Cortez. That means until November. So we made reservations to have dock and a space in the storage yard for the end of June. We had one week to explore and there was a beautiful anchorage that we all wanted to check out. After anchoring in the shadow of an extinct volcano we went ashore to climb it. After slipping and sliding over loose rock, sand and steep hillsides we decided to turn back. It was a beautiful view from half way up and we all decided it probably was not that much better at the top. So we headed back down to play in the water. As we got back to Samadhi friends of our on S/V Saarelill arrived in the anchorage. So the kids got together and explored the many small coves and sea caves in the bay that we shared.  As it turned out S/V Saarelill was heading in the same direction as we were so we decided to stay together all the way to Puerto Penasco. We ended up moving to our last anchorage together and staying a few days at Puerto Refugio. This was that last stop until making a short overnight crossing to Puerto Penasco. We spent a few days in a lovely little bay surrounded by beautiful beaches and picturesque hills and islets. On one of the days our two families took our dinghies over to a small island about 3 miles from our anchorage. We snorkeled in the warm clear waters and the kids also explored some large sea caves. Alexander and I were able to swim with a sea turtle and we also saw our first Angel Shark while snorkeling. The four kids spent many of the days swimming at the beach, playing in the sand and just exploring without their parents around. They spent the evening watching movies and eating popcorn on different boats each night. It was really great to have kids to play with and the girls on S/V Saarelill were just amazing friends to Alexander and Victoria.

Half way up the volcano
Heading up
Alexander and Victoria extracting a tooth from a dolphin skull

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