Road Trip & A Few Weeks Getting Ourselves Ready

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Road Trip

The car was so packed that I am not sure we could have fit an extra tennis ball into our space. We had four bikes, a cat, a cat box, a dog, and everything we thought we would need for the summer. We have a very nice bike rack at Ashley’s father’s house so we could not bring ourselves to buy one in AZ or Mexico so we had to disassemble the four mountain bikes and pack them inside the car. We decided to drive straight to Seattle primarily because we did not want to unpack and pack up again after each stop. We made it to the Seattle area in 34 hours.  All along the way we searched for a small camping trailer that we could tow behind our SUV. We quickly learned that everyone and their mother were now buying RVs. We were not able to find one available that met our needs and our budget until we reached the PNW. So as we drove by Issaquah WA we stopped at a nice family’s home, bought their trailer, and continued our way to Ashley’s mother’s house in Tacoma. And that is when the real work began.

Ashley spent the next three full days fixing, painting, and personalizing our new temporary home. Luckily Ashley’s mother has every tool imaginable as well as extra bedrooms for us to stay in while Ashley works. I warned my wonderful mother-in-law that “hurricane Murphy” was a lot to handle but she insisted we were all welcome. Yes all of us, Sonny the cat and Ranger the dog quickly made themselves at home in Deb’s house. While Ashley was working on the trailer I was assigned multiple tasks relating to our rental properties. It had been 10 months since we had seen any of them so I did a drive by of each of them. We had new tenants moving into one so that was taken care of while we were there. We also had to do some slightly more than normal yard work to another. We got it all taken care of in a jam packed 10 days of errands, meetings, yard work, and RV renovations. And just like that “hurricane Murphy” rolled on out of town to begin our summer exploring the US.

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