Secret Cove and Buccaneer Bay

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We left Grace Harbor in the late morning with the intention of heading as far south as we could get before we felt like stopping. After a nice peaceful trip down the northern part of the Strait of Georgia we anchored for the evening at a nice park called Buccaneer Bay just south of Texada Island. We planned on continuing south to Vancouver the next day. We were a little low on water and we were anxious to get back to civilization. We had had little contact if any with friends and we were sure that grandparents were more than a little short on time spent talking to Victoria and Alexander. The next day called for winds above 20 knots coming from the south beginning in the early afternoon. This was definitely not ideal but we figured we could get an early start and be into Vancouver before the higher winds came. We pulled up the anchor at 7am for the 45 mile run to Vancouver. As we rounded the north end of North Thormanby Island the winds and the seas reminded us that weather forecasts are just that, forecasts. The winds were already above 25 knots at times bumping to just below 30 and the seas were 2 to 3 meters. This is not ideal particularly when you are trying to beat into these winds and waves. We decided to soldier on so we reefed the main and headed out across the straights to begin our tacking course south. After about 4 hours of great sailing but not lots of headway we decided to head back to where we started. This time we went into a nice little harbor called Secret Harbor and anchored just of the marina for the night. The next morning we filled our water tanks at their fuel dock and set off south again to Vancouver. The winds and seas were still coming from the same direction however they had eased slightly to 20knots and about 1.5 to 2.5 meters. We had another great sail however this time we made much better progress to our destination. The distance between our start point and our destination was 40 miles as the crow flies. We traveled 70 miles to get there as we had to tack back and forth across the Straits of Georgia. But hey, that is how it goes sometimes when you use wind as your engine. We had a great day with the kids doing school work, having breakfast, lunch and dinner and finding ways to entertain themselves all while the boat heeled to the stiff breeze and crashed through the large seas. We anchored in False Creek Vancouver just before sunset.

Victoria on watch and Alexander reading
Alexander reading as Samadhi sails to Vancouver
Vancouver from the Strait of Georgia
Samadhi under the Granville bridge
False Creek at dusk

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