Vancouver, Oh How We Love Thee

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We have been to Vancouver many times in the past. We have visited a few times by land and even two other times by boat. We never have had the opportunity to slow down and spend a lot of time getting to know the city as well as we did on this visit. We anchored in False Creek which is a boater’s paradise in the heart of the city. To the north is downtown and all of the trending dining options. To the south are the many eclectic shops and art galleries of Granville Island. To the west is the amazing world renowned Stanley Park the jewel of Vancouver and to the east is the commercial sector of the city that offers to meet any requirements for supplies. And in the middle of it all is False Creek with the constant marine traffic day and night from a mix of craft that include mini-ferries, rowing shells, canoes, kayaks, paddleboards, dragon boats, sailboats, powerboats and countless dinghies. On shore you will find miles and miles (sorry kilometers and kilometers) of bike trails and walking trails many right on the water winding their way through countless parks and community areas. Everything is within an easy walking distance from everything. We spent 7 days enjoying only a small part of what the city had to offer. We spent two days visiting museums and the Science World. We spent a day visiting the many farm to market stands throughout the city and on Granville Island. We spent a day just visiting and playing at different city parks close by. We spent a cloudy day at the city community center and library while doing our laundry. We rented bikes and rode around the city and Stanley Park. The trail system is so amazing that we did an 11 mile bike ride and only once did we have to cross a busy street. And that was in the heart of the city! We all loved this city so much that at this point if we were to stop cruising we unanimously agree we would find a way to live here. After leaving Vancouver we headed back to the States and Port Angeles Washington to visit family and prepare for our trip down the coast to San Diego. We plan to head south around September 10ish. We will send an update on our progress just before we leave and then as internet access allows.

Anchored in the middle of the city
Playground fun
Another boat?!?
Evening dinghy ride
Met a little friend at the park
Science world park
Science world mirror maze
Science world fun
Science world
Samadhi in the city

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