Just a Few More Days Please

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When it was time to leave Rebecca Spit we planned on heading south toward Vancouver. When we headed out of Drew Harbor there was a wonderful northerly wind that made for a fantastic running reach sail. However, within an hour we were drifting along with barely a breath of wind. We did not look forward to listening to the motor for the most of the day so we decided to head back to Desolation Sound. So we turned left (east) toward Grace Harbor. Grace Harbor is located in the Desolation Sound Marine Park. It is well known for its warm waters and beautiful anchorages. We squeezed Samadhi into a comfy spot between two rocks and behind a small islet. On shore is a dilapidated old cabin. Behind this cabin were many apple trees, plum trees and tons and tons of blackberries. So we armed ourselves with long sleeves, gloves, large bowls, machete and eye protection and head out. We spent the better part of the afternoon picking, climbing, untangling, screeching, and bleeding, but we came away with blackberries for the week, a few plums, and about two dozen apples. That evening Ashley made us an amazing blackberry crisp. The next morning we had blackberry pancakes. Ashley also made us the most amazing blackberry jam. We spent the day swimming and snorkeling in the warming and inviting waters around the boat and on the shores. Jumping into the cool refreshing water on the hot day made each of the many many scratches received in the battle for blackberries very obvious with their locations pinpointed exactly. Despite all of the bleeding and stinging it was all worth it when Ashley topped off all of the blackberry treats with from scratch homemade blackberry muffins.

Samadhi tucked in close
Some of our harvest
Blackberry Jam!!!
Blackberry Crisp!!
Blackberry Muffins!!!
Samadhi by the rocks
Grace Harbor and Desolation Sound
The reef we explored

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