Slight Change of Plans

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After a fantastic time on the sandy beach of Hague Lake we were not as excited about our planned visit to Von Donop with its oyster covered beaches. So as we left Gorge Harbor we decided to detour to Quadra Island and a place called Rebecca Spit. As we entered Drew Harbor we knew right away that we made a good choice to come here. The harbor was large and well protected with lots of room for Samadhi to swing. Rebecca Spit is about a mile long spit with gently sloping, sandy beaches. There are shaded hiking trails and peaceful meadows. In no time at all Alexander was rowing around in the sailing dinghy and Victoria was paddling the paddleboard. The sun was shining and the wind was light so we loaded Ranger, our beach tent, snorkeling gear and some lunch all into the dinghy. Alexander rowed the sailing dinghy to shore, Victoria followed on the paddleboard and Ashley and I brought up the rear of the convoy in the dinghy. We found a nice spot on the beach that enabled us to let Ranger run/swim free and the kids to swim and play on the driftwood. We spent two days playing, rowing, paddling, swimming, snorkeling and just enjoying the magic of the spectacular place.

Victoria retrievers a kelp crab off the bottom
Feisty little guy (the crab)
Taking his sister for a spin
Still a 3 vehicle family

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