Time for a Swim

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We are anchored on the outside of Pipestream inlet due to the fact that there few, if any, places to safely anchor as you go deeper into the inlet. Often times when there are steep slopes on the sides of a waterway those same steep slopes continue into the water making for deep water and therefore situations not conducive to anchoring. We need the depths to be between 70 and 20ft to safely anchor and we also need an island or land mass to break up a long fetch of wind or water. Pipestream inlet offered none of these. So instead of taking Samadhi up the inlet we all loaded up into the dinghy and began our exploration. It took no time at all to find a breathtaking and very well hidden bay. If one were driving by any more than a few hundred feet from its entrance they would just drive on by for the entrance is so narrow that it is very difficult to see that there is indeed an opening. We entered this very, very narrow entrance of no more than 30 feet wide and made our way into a bay that opened up before us revealing calm, shallow, warm water and more small beaches to explore. We beached the dinghy and explored the little bay by foot. After a time we were wading out into the shallows catching the bigger crabs, looking at the bigger fish and finding new and interesting shells. Dan, Victoria, Alexander and Ranger all ended up swimming in the water for about an hour before dinner time called and we had to get back to Samadhi.

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