Adventure Upstream

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After a morning of school work for the kids and boat chores for the parents we decided to make our way up Cataract Creek on foot. After yesterday’s swimming we all were motivated to see if we can find another great swimming spot, this time in fresh water. We kayaked to where the boat would take us no further. After pulling up the kayaks well above the creek’s edge we made sure to announce our presence for any bears that may be still in the area. We searched and searched for a route through the forest but the extreme undergrowth made breaking brush impossible without a machete and if we had one with us it would still be unbearably slow going. So we walked up the stream bed. The stream bed was about 25 ft wide with dense walls of forest on both sides. The stream was probably running at about 25% of its maximum so there was room to walk in most parts if you did not want to walk in the water. If walking in the water is what you are looking for (and Victoria and Alexander ALWAYS want to walk in water) then it was perfect! The water was about 68 degrees, anywhere from ankle deep to 3ft, and not much more than a fast trickle. The rocks were very slippery so care had to be taken and we were not going to break any hiking speed records. As we made our way up the stream Alexander would find a pool that was waist deep and asked if could stop and swim for awhile. Dan kept encouraging everyone on and promising that we would stop and swim on the way back if we were not able to make it to the lake. As we rounded a corner we saw a waterfall ahead and it began to look like we were not going to make it to the lake and would have to settle for shallow pools for our swim/bath. Yet as we got closer we saw that at the base of the small waterfall was a magnificent bathing pool. We were all so excited. The pool was about 25ft by 25ft. It gradually went from ankle deep to 10ft deep. There was no wood in the pool so we did not have to worry about any creepy crawly leeches. The water was super refreshing and the location sublime. After an hour or so of swimming, frolicking and bathing a dark cloud blotted out the clear blue skies above and quickly raindrops followed, thunder came moments later. This was our hint to wrap up our hike/swim adventure and make our way home

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