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June 24th 2019

Pipestream Inlet is a beautiful gorge like slice of water between two towering mountains. It boasts temperate rainforests on all sides that grow right up to the water’s edge. At the entrance to the inlet is a small cove created by four small islands. We anchored behind one of these islands in a lovely spot called Cataract Cove. This amazing spot protected us from the westerly winds and seemingly engulfed us into the surrounding nature. We had views of the setting sun. We had 3000 ft Black Mt looking directly down on us. We had the constant song of a nearby waterfall. We were anchored so close to shore that we could hear the birds in the trees and the buzz of the bees going about their days. The kids spent the first few hours exploring a small oyster covered rock that allowed them to find crabs and wade into the water. They also called out each of the many sighting of large jelly fish in the bay.  Just around a small island in our cove was Cataract stream that flowed from a nearby lake. We inflated Victoria and Alexander’s kayaks and we all paddled up the creek. In less than 5 minutes from our boat we came upon a mama black bear and her two cubs. We watched them from about 100ft off shore. The kids both said that they were a little nervous but excited to see a bear in its natural environment. The two cubs were a cute little bonus. We continued up the creek and as it became too shallow for the boats we came across another black bear scratching itself against a tree. We watched it roll in the grassy clearing and then meander into the dense forest. As we paddled back to the boats we all commented on how much life we were surrounded by. There were many shades of greens and browns from the forests on all sides of us including from above as many of the trees reached across the stream we were in. We were surrounded by chirping birds, foraging bears, running water, swimming fish and a beautiful untouched example of nature.

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