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Ashley and the kids dropped Dan off at work this morning then headed to run what seemed like a gazillion errands. We needed a few things from the chandlery, last minute groceries, to pick up new portlight lenses from the plastics store (more on that in another post), to stop at the bank, to get the kids some little oars for their new inflatable rafts, and for chicken feed. We got home in time for lunch and to do all the house chores which included last minute laundry, dishes, packing, watering the garden, feeding the chickens, and cleaning up the house enough that it’ll be nice to come home to. They (including Ranger the boat dog and Sonny the sailor cat) left to go back for Dan in the early evening. Unfortunately, he got stuck at work so we didn’t actually leave there until about 8pm but that’s OK. We were officially on vacation! The rest of the evening was spent driving up to the marina, putting everything in its place and trying to get some sleep.
August 15, 2017
Dan & Ashley were up about 515am, neither slept much. He set about getting the boat ready to leave the dock and she dealt with getting Ranger to shore. It was a gorgeous and calm morning with a beautiful sunrise to see us off. We left the dock about 545 and started the long motor north. Thanks to Nexus we were checked in to Canada via phone as soon as crossed the international border and since there was no wind to sail we pointed the boat directly at our destination for the night. To pass time Ashley baked some muffins, the kids played card war, and Dan and the kids played chess. Crossing the strait of Georgia was calm and we eventually got some wind to sail a bit. A huge lurking obstacle for this trip is heading up Texada Island. Since it seems to take forever, our goal was to get to the southern tip of Texada our first night so when we found ourselves already there by 6pm we decided to press on a little further. We set down the anchor about 8pm at Sunray bay off Nelson Island. Dan and the kids took Ranger to shore and to give all their legs some exercise. There’s a neat old cottage to explore as well as a good beach. Unfortunately, they came back with endless mosquito bites and brought the little buggers back with them. Since we made such good time today we won’t have to worry about getting up early tomorrow. We can sleep in, explore the beach some more, get some exercise then make the trek north.

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