More travel and then… the fun begins!

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We were basically up with the sun this morning, so much for sleeping in. The mosquitos had invaded the boat making the night miserable. Alexander woke at 6 saying he was itchy… the kid has no less than 25 bites and he reacts to them much worse than the rest of us. While Dan took Ranger to shore Ashley readied us to pull up the anchor. It was a horrible night’s sleep but we can nap on & off on the trip up. It would have been great to have a lazy morning here but the mosquitos are making it miserable. Overnight we burned the 2 citronella candles that we had on board all the way to the end. Our only mosquito defense is 1 net to go over a bed and some coil bracelets. This won’t do for the next 12 days! Thankfully Powell River is up ahead and we’ll just pull up to the fuel dock and one of us can run into town with the bike to find supplies. T
he water was nearly like glass and we didn’t need fuel so we launched the dinghy and Dan pulled up beside Samadhi. Ashley lowered the mountain bike to him and he zoomed off to town. Ashley & the kids slowly continued north without him. A few hours later we saw a small shape gaining on us so slowed the boat to a stop and helped him get the bike and everything back on board.
We didn’t get to pull out the sails at all but did make it to Desolation Sound about 1pm. Our first anchorage is our favorite, we start at Grace Harbor just inside of the park. We didn’t ever get those naps in we had promised ourselves so as soon as the anchor was down we headed to bed. All of us.
Dan’s parents have been here over a week on Slojourn. They are anchored over in the inner harbor (we’re in Canada… I meant harbour). After “naps” (no one actually slept) we went to our favorite swimming spot. We got the kids cheap, little 1-person rafts for the trip so got those blown up right away. Alexander got in his and immediately was an expert rower. It was amazing to see him! Victoria… not so much. Maybe it’s the lack of sleep?!?! She got removed from her raft and we’ll try again tomorrow. Last year we also got them nice little kid snorkeling sets so Alexander snorkeled. After our time there we went back to our separate boats for dinner. Today is Dan’s dad’s birthday so after dinner Dan & Alexander dinghied over to Grandma & Grandpa’s boat for some blackberry cobbler to celebrate. Victoria went straight to bed and Ashley cleaned up. We all have mosquito nets over our beds thanks to Dan’s dinghy adventure shopping trip so are hoping for a better night’s sleep!

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