Spencer Spit

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It’s been awhile since we’ve been to Spencer Spit so we headed over to Lopez Island after fueling up to meet up with Dan’s dad, who has been all alone on his boat while Dan’s mom was helping out family. After getting the anchor set we put the sailing dinghy in the water and Dan started teaching Alexander how to sail it. After that fun we all headed to the beach. We are used to going to the San Juan Islands that are only accessible by private boat, not the ferry system, so were a little put off by how many people were there. The kids always occupy themselves on a beach and they took turns in the sailing dinghy with Dan. We had Dennis over for dinner and for breakfast the next morning. The winds were expected to pick up and we weren’t really interested in going back to the beach. If it was so busy on Friday we weren’t interested in seeing what Saturday was going to look like. Rather than go east home we headed west and sailed the long way home. It was a great sail though not very relaxing. The winds were often over 20kts and I don’t think we can even count how many times we tacked but we made it most of the way back under sail… on a sailboat the goal is to not use the engine, right?

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