Eagle Harbor

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We decided to stay close to home this weekend so only made it over to Cypress Island (about 8 miles from the marina) to Eagle Harbor. We got to anchor kind of late in the day. Ashley’s beekeeping adventures back at home kept us from leaving the marina early. She got 2 bee stings on her forehead and the swelling was intense (and quite gross). It didn’t appear that Benadryl was doing anything to help and it was alternating between itchy and painful so after a call to the nurse hotline it was decided she go in to urgent care. Turns out that swelling on the head can look much worse that it really is because there isn’t any soft tissue to absorb and mask the swelling, it just bulges outward because of the skull. And in her case it moved down into the eye socket because there is a little more room for the fluid. The doctor’s orders… ice and Zyrtec. That’s it. It was a really rough night at anchor with high winds and rough water so Dan & Ashley didn’t get much sleep. We woke up to quite a bit fewer boats in the anchorage as people up and left in the middle of the night. We heard air horns as anchors drug and boats came close to others. Thankfully our oversized anchor kept us in place. Saturday morning we hiked from Cypress Head up to the airfield and then on to another little lake up at the top of the island. The kids are amazing little troopers when it comes to hiking so we were pretty proud of them. When we returned from the hike the kids played on the beach some and we decided to head home. The wind was still pretty strong in Eagle Harbor so it wasn’t all that pleasant anyway. Dorothy came back with us so she could go visit her sisters for a few weeks.

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