Cobalt Day – the dark side

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We had a different kind of boat day today. We decided to take the Cobalt out to go fast, swim off the boat and do some tubing. Upon leaving our house we saw an owl perched on a tree stump at the end of our road. Just a mile or so from home a mink ran out in front of us on the road (so cute!) and we saw a doe & fawn before we were 5 minutes from the house. We launched on Mercer Island and headed up through Lake Washington, under the 520 bridge, thru the cut, into Lake Union, thru the cut and locks and out into Puget Sound. It was the kids’ first time in the locks and was pretty exciting. We zoomed over to Blake Island where we saw more wildlife. The raccoons were out and not at all scared of all the visitors. We hike the perimeter trail and then headed back to Seattle. The trip back through the locks was just us and a sailboat so very quick (the trip out was packed and took quite awhile). We’ve had a pretty hot & sunny summer so far but once we got back into Lake Washington for swimming and tubing the wind picked up, and it got cold and cloudy. We did that for a bit then decided we’d had enough and headed back to the boat launch. We were sure with all the wildlife we saw that we’d see whales but alas, we were let down.

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