Clark Island, Sucia Island, Jones Island, Friday Harbor – May 2015

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We briefly stopped at Clark Island to play on the cliffs. We grabbed a mooring buoy since we’d only be there a few hours. There was pretty good chop in the mooring field. From Clark we headed over to Sucia. Our days there were beautiful and we dinghy’d over to Ewing Cove. From Sucia we went over to Jones. We fed the deer and took the Murphy Tree picture. Dan’s family has taken a picture in this tree whenever they visit the island since the 1980-somethings. We definitely couldn’t break tradition. Next was Friday Harbor, we anchored in the bay but it was pretty rough with what seemed like constant ferry wakes and it was pretty tight when we’d swing on the anchor. Dan & Ashley took turns taking showers in the marina facilities then we took off looking for something better.

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