Spencer Spit – May 2015

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After leaving Friday Harbor we got a thorough soaking from an absolute downpour as we came around Shaw & Lopez so decided to drop the hook at Spencer Spit. We ended up having a double rainbow over the boat. It was cold after the downpour, though. Have I mentioned the boat doesn’t have heat? We also lost instrumentation (wind, depth and speed) so once we were anchored and had the propane heaters going (and took some rainbow pictures) Ashley got to work going through the new instrument set up to figure out the problem. She got them fixed but didn’t know how.

We spent the next couple of days exploring the spit and kayaking to the rocks north of the spit to look at the seals. The most exciting thing for the kids was to stomp the geoducks on the beach and get sprayed back. They were curious to know what a geoduck looked like so Dan started digging with a large shell. He got ahold of the geoduck but it just kept burying itself. Ashley joined the dig. We got some some crabs, clams, and FINALLY after what seemed like forever we unearthed the geoduck. The whole was probably 18″ deep and just as wide, it was a fight! The kids took one look and went about their business. Ashley didn’t get a picture.

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