First Vacation May 2015

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Date: May 1 2015

Weather: Nice in south sound turned nasty in the Straits

Wind: calm to 20knots

Onboard: Dan, Ashley, Victoria, Alex & Ranger

Notes: Our first vacation on Samadhi. We left Tyee at 0530 with the outgoing tide. No wind so we motored to Shilshole to top off fuel. We experienced some very rough conditions where Admiralty inlet meets the Straits of Juan de Fuca. We buried the bow a few times until we could turn away from the seas. The kids, dog and cat were a little nervous but stayed positive. We’d have the kids yell “we like big waves!” as we’d get ready to bury the bow. We passed Smith Island showing 31knots of wind though the VHF report 11 knots off Smith Island. We arrived at James island at 1600. It was Sonny’s first trip on the boat, he makes a pretty good boat cat. We had him on Bluestreak for a Blake Island trip in 2006, it didn’t go well… he’s definitely mellowed in his old age.

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