Boatyard Work Complete – December 12, 2014

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Date: Dec 12, 2014

Weather: Clear sky 40 degrees

Wind: calm

Onboard: Dan and Ashley

Here we go. The list of fixes is about half done. We will do the rest ourselves. We replaced the shaft seal, all but two thru holes, stripped the bottom and repainted, replaced all zincs, replaced all batteries, updated the inverter/battery chargers, replaced the shower sump. $35000 later we finally can take her to her new home in Tacoma. We left Shilshole at 3pm. We planned to motor to Tyee where Dennis, Dorothy and the kids will be waiting to help us into our slip. We quickly learned that the autopilot needed to be replaced right away. One more thing for the list. It was as calm as can be on the sound but that was just fine with us as we were still in shock of the size of Samadhi and a smooth eventless trip was just what we need to boost our confidence. We arrived at Tyee in the dark. There had been major rains and some flooding the week before so the marina was littered with logs and wood debris. There was a log boom stretching across the entrance but we managed to squeeze by. We brought it into the dock the first time very smoothly but we were under no illusions that they would always be so smooth.

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