Samadhi is here, she’s really here! – November 12, 2014

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20141001_091633Date: November 12, 2014
Weather: Cold but sunny 45-50 degrees
Wind: calm
Onboard: Dan, Ashley, Victoria and Alex
Day one with Samadhi. We are scared to death but super excited. She is huge and needs much work. Engine is leaking oil, hatches are leaking water and she looks as though she has not been cleaned in 5 years. And she probably has not been. She came with lots of extra and what turns out useless gear.
We spent the entire first day removing loads of gear, extra parts and sails off the boat. We completely filled our truck, our trailer and our Land Cruiser.
Craig S. and Bill S. came down to see it. I think both thought what we are feeling on the inside. They bit off more than they can chew this time. We will see and time will tell. Dennis also came down to see her. We think he is more excited than anyone at this point.
Alex and Victoria are having a blast running from one end to the other from the aft stateroom and jumping on the bed to their room and climbing up and down and then back again. They remember the step down into the galley about 40% of the time. Alex locked himself in the forward cabin. It took us thirty minutes to free him and we destroyed our first piece of equipment in doing so. The door knob had to be bent and it is not going back together. Alex for his part was the only one on the boat remaining calm.
Samadhi will remain here at Shilshole and Seaview boat yard for some repair and maintenance.

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