Catalina RV Resort and Spa for the New Year

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We had reservations to stay the last week or so of December and most of January at an RV park. Now, that is not our normal as RV parks can be expensive. Not to mention, often the sites in RV parks are too close together for our liking in normal times and during the current pandemic even less so. My parents have stayed here in the past and assured us that the spots were spacious and that the staff would space us out to provide the proper social distancing for the times. We arrived a little after noon and were escorted to our site. It was not too big and yet not too small. They assigned us a spot right next to my parents with no one on either side of our two coaches. We set about our tasks of setting up and soon we began exploring our new home for the next month. The resort is very nice. It has nicely paved roads and level campsites. There are two large pools that are heated from a nearby hot spring. There are 5 pickleball courts, a mini golf course, shuffleboard, horseshoe and a corn hole game all available to the guests. Just outside the park are trails through the desert and into the surrounding hills that surround the valley in which the RV park is located.  Our first fews days were spent enjoying the amenities of the park. We went swimming every day sometimes in the morning and in the evening. We played mini golf. Victoria, Alexander and I learned that there is no point in playing shuffleboard or corn hole with Ashley. She is ruthless and just laughs as she crushes all opposition. We also spent lots of time on the pickleball courts. Victoria and Alexander excel in a lot of things but sports or games that include a racquet let alone a ball have not always been their strong suit. But after just a few days they both have been able to dial in their game and it is now pretty fun to hit the ball around with them. We have also found a few fun hikes in the area as well as some pretty good mountain bike trails.  Grandpa John was able to drive down for Christmas and spent a week spending time with his grandkids and having fun in the desert sun.

I found time to donate blood. (Ashley loves it when I send her pictures of needles and blood)
A very cold day in Joshua Tree National Park
Alexander loves bouldering
My beautiful best friend!
climbing with Alexander and Victoria
Victoria with her bouldering playground behind her.
Grandma Murphy and Alexander in Joshua Tree National Park.
Alexander and Victoria bouldering in the cold and wind.
I believe I can fly…”
Grandpa Murphy bouldering with his grandkids.
Grandpa John, Victoria, and Alexander checking out the Joshua Trees.
Alexander reading on his kindle during the drive home. He looks so grown up when he sits like that.
Grandpa Murphy and Victoria searching for a slot canyon.
My little monkey climbing the walls of a canyon.
Me and my best buddy looking for the slot canyon.
Ashley climbing down to the ropes that will take us deep into the canyon.
Alexander leading the way through the maze of tight rock walls
Victoria keeping the adults moving through the canyons.
It was a tight fit in this slot canyon.
Our canyoneering crew!
Alexander shows us all how to climb out
Now Victoria shows us how it’s done.
Grandma Murphy says, “I got this”.
Alexander leads us to the canyon rim.
There is light at the end of this canyon!
Alexander and I are looking for a way to the canyon rim.
Alexander route finding on the rock walls.
Ashley and Alexander looking for a way to the rim of the canyon.
We made it to the canyon rim. Behind us you can see the terrain that we just explored.
Alexander never misses an opportunity to do a little bouldering.
Making our way down a wash back to the trailhead.
A few more obstacles to negotiate and look who is leading the way.
Victoria exploring a small cave.
We made it back to the slot canyon entrance.
A few more ladders to climb and we will be back to the trailhead.
Victoria and Grandma Murphy exploring a small cave.
Making our way back down to the valley floor and the trailhead.
Grandma Murphy negotiating the rock walls and ladders.
Grandpa Murphy and his grandkids as we are just about to leave the last of the slot canyon.
Alexander helping us to install the last of our LED lighting.
Alexander rocking the mountain bike trails.
Alexander grinding up one of the many hills on this ride.
Victoria and Alexander working together to get us up this hill.
Victoria just where she likes to be: On her mountain bike and on point.
Ashley and Ranger trying to keep up with Victoria and Alexander. Trust us, that is not easy!
Look at her focus!
More up hill for Alexander. He is owning this trail!
Victoria says, ” Mom, just watch how I do it”.
The camera does not show it but that is a very difficult rock obstacle that Victoria is grinding her way over.
Alexander weaving his way around the many obstacles of this trail system.
Me and my dad playing pickle ball together. We did this every morning for 6 weeks.
Me and Alexander playing pickle ball. Check out his choice of court shoes.
The four of us with some Joshua Trees.
My best friend on one of our many trail runs. Our RV park is behind her in the distance. We would run up these mountains right from our campsite.
My other running partner on another of our morning trail runs.

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