Tuscan AZ

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Our goal for the winter is to find a nice place just outside of a major town but still far enough away where there will be BLM land to camp on or an inexpensive campground. Ashley found a large swath of BLM land open to RVers just south east of Tuscan AZ. It was close enough for easy runs in to town for groceries, water and errands. Tuscan also has lots of parks and libraries for tennis, skateboarding, pickleball, and school days at the library. All of this within a 15 mile drive from our campsite. We set up camp with Grandma and Grandpa and went about exploring the area. We found a great hike up a dried up river bed. We found tennis courts and played some pickleball. We found great trail running trails and mountain bike trails. Ashley found a solar company offering a unique opportunity and she decided it was time for another project. The company had been hired to build a large solar array. The deposit covered the production of 1000 300 watt solar panels. Just before construction was to begin the client backed out and the solar company had 1000 300watt panels they now needed to sell. So Ashley ordered four of them and a large charge controller and told me to prepare our roof for some big solar panels. It was a little tricky but it all fit together and now we have 1200 watts of solar and no battery issues at all if it is sunny. And as you know it is most always sunny down here. We had Thanksgiving with Grandma and Grandpa. The cooking duties were shared between the two coaches and we had dinner at our table. While it would have been nice to have more of the family together it was great to have our little bubble.

Victoria and dad coming down the cliffside
The last of the water from the dried up waterfall.
Victoria and Alexander scrambling up the dry waterfall
Alexander making his own slide
Victoria scrambling up a cliff
Murphy hiking team taking a breather in a nearly dried up pool of the dry waterfall
Alexander showing Grandma and Grandpa how the water slides down the rock
Victoria and dad hiking up a dry waterfall
Alexander and Victoria helping with some coach projects.
Not a small project!
Nearly done! 1200 watts of solar!
Alexander giving Grandpa Murphy a lightsaber lesson
Thanksgiving dinner. Lots and Lots to be thankful for!

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