Biking Cody WY

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We had a few days between our reservations in The Grand Tetons and our reservations in Yellowstone. We decided to spend those days in the small town of Cody Wyoming just outside of Yellowstone. We met my parents in a nice campground alongside a river and nearby a large reservoir. The campground was 15 miles from the town of Cody so we were able to easily visit the grocery store and run necessary errands. The town of Cody had an amazing county park that had a small lake for fishing and swimming. It had a nice sized off leash dog-park. There was a paved path around the small lake for road bikes and jogging. But most impressive was the bike park. The county built a wonderland of short fast downhill runs with either jumps or drops for the beginner to expert mountain bikers. They also built a large pump track that was suitable for tiny riders yet was enjoyable for all levels of riders. We spent hours and hours at this bike park blasting down the jump route reaching higher speeds and getting more air with each run. When we needed a break from the jumping we would go down the run with drops and big banking turns so that we had to climb back on a technical rocky path to get back to the top. One loop of either of the runs was only about ¼ of a mile so Victoria and Alexander were able to make dozens and dozens of runs on each of the paths. On our second visit to the bike park we brought along Grandma and Grandpa with their bikes. After some convincing even Grandma Murphy went down the jump run, albeit a little slower than Alexander and Victoria. There were three teenagers at the park that we were taking turns with. They were all amazed to see a Grandma going down the jump run. And they just amazed to see a 7 year old follow her down while getting air on most of the jumps. After some time at the bike park we all set out into the trail system that is attached to the county park. We all went on a nice 6 mile mountain bike ride. The ride was rather simple with very little obstacles other than the climbing at an elevation of 7500ft. After some riding Grandma and Grandpa decided to take a slightly less uphill route back to the car while the four of us pushed on to the top of the hill. It was pretty tough getting to the top with the thin air causing us all to feel super winded, but we all made it. Once we started down the winding and twisting single track trail down the struggle to get to the top seemed completely worth it. Alexander took point with Victoria right on his heels. I followed and Ashley brought up the rear with Ranger. I told the kids to take it easy and watch for unseen obstacles behind the jumps or around the corners. They both said “sure dad” and then they were gone! Just like that they were bombing down the hillside launching off the many jumps and table tops barely breaking on the banking turns. I was behind the two of them and I don’t think I would have ridden down any faster if they were not in front of me. It was a total blast both the ride and the fact that both kids were tearing it up. When we got near the bottom we came into a herd of cows. I thought it would be best if I got to the front to chase the cows off the trail. So I led us through the herd, but once we were out of the herd I took off to finish the last of the downhill at full speed. After about 3-4 minutes of all out downhill riding I looked back expecting to see Alexander and Victoria far behind. Nope, Alexander was right on my back wheel and Victoria just behind him. Both of them grinning ear to ear just like their dad. We finished the ride shortly thereafter and there was a chorus of excited descriptions of the jumps and turns and how amazing the trail was all the way back to the campground.

My dad and I returned the next day to ride more of the trails. I ended up climbing the mountain three times that day with my dad each time taking a different yet just as exciting route down. It is really a fantastic place to ride. The trails are not technical at all but they are loaded with jumps and fast banking turns that make for an intense and exhilarating run to the bottom of the hill.

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