Grand Tetons

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We have been trying to avoid crowds as best as we can as we travel this summer. It is not always easy but most definitely possible. We did, however, want to see some of the more popular parks even if we knew that there would be crowds and therefore we would not see much of the more popular parks. Grand Tetons in Wyoming is one of those places that we wanted to at least experience a small part of. We were able to reserve a spot in the most out of the way campground in the park. We only had one full day so we picked a hike into the mountains yet not to a lake which we thought would attract more of the crowds. It was a beautiful hike giving us a good taste of the beauty and ruggedness of the Grand Tetons. We got up at 6 am and made our way to the trailhead. It was a 4.5 mile hike with 2500 ft of elevation gain, so nothing too hard or too easy. We thought we would be one of the first on the trail. As it turned out we needed to be there much earlier for that distinction. We did make it to our destination without much interaction with other hikers on the trail as there was not anyone coming down yet. Alexander and Victoria were excited about earning some screen time so Ashley and I were a little worried about the pace they were planning. And sure enough in a 4.5 mile hike the two kids powered us past 14 people as they reached our destination. 2 of the people I determined were over 60 so they did not count but most of them were in their 20s or 30s and had their pride damaged as these 7 and 9 year olds bounced past them with their masks on and saying good morning as they pulled away of the trail dragging their gasping mother and father with them. We reached the top of our hike which was at the base of a snow field and the headwater of one of the many rivers flowing off the mountain. We topped off our water with the super refreshing water and made our way back down the mountain.

The barren landscape of Wyoming
Visiting an active dinosaur dig site
An active dinosaur dig site
Visiting a brand new military vehicle museum They had only been open for 4 days.
Alexander was in heaven!
Hiking to the base of that peak.
We hiked from that valley floor below and they don’t even look phased.
Victoria leading us up the switchbacks.
Victoria and Alexander love scrambling over rocks and boulders.
Alexander pumping and filtering water from this snow melt creek.
The water was the best we had ever tasted. Makes sense since the sources was snow melt less that 50 feet above us.
Alexander and Victoria motivating me to continue.
Proud dad with his two superstar hikers
Taking in the views from on the Tetons.
There is always a little time and energy left over after a 9 mile hike for a little rock climbing.
Clearly this hike was not hard enough!
Alexander looking for one more summit before we head home.
Happy hiker Victoria loves to be surrounded by nature.
Sleeping in the next morning. I guess they earned it.
The other face of beautiful Wyoming.

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