Caleta Partida

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We planned on staying where we were for at least another 3 or 4 days or as long as our supply of fresh fruits and vegetables lasted. However, unbeknownst to the 20 or so boats anchored with us Bahia San Gabriel was off limits to anchoring. So all of a sudden we were asked to leave by the naturalists that monitor the national park. This made for some rushed goodbyes as some families were headed south some east and others north. It was no problem because we don’t say goodbye just see ya later. We headed north to a bay called Caleta Partida. Two of the “kid boats” (self explanatory, right?) followed us there. S/V Kyrie and S/V Tulum 5 anchored right with us and our time together continued. The first day we all headed to the beach to play in the warm shallows and explore the white sandy shoreline. That night we invited all the kids over for a movie night on Samadhi while the adults chatted upstairs in the cockpit. Again the evening was magical. It feels so great discussing with other couples the trials and tribulations of the cruising life. We all laughed, we cried and we even swore a few times about our choice to live this lifestyle but in the end we all decided we wouldn’t have it any other way. The following morning Kyrie and Tulum 5 headed back to La Paz for provisioning. The Murphy family spent the day doing boat chores and running our watermaker to top off our tanks. As we were all snorkeling around the boat to checkout the many rays that were below us and to cool off, friends from Seattle sailed into the anchorage. We welcomed S/V LeAnn and planned a hike for the next day. They said that they planned to head up a canyon and that we should tag along. You don’t have to ask any of us twice to go for a hike and a canyon sounds even better. The next day we got an early start and immediately off the beach we began climbing. Not long into the climb we switched from walking to jumping from boulder to boulder. Next we were scrambling using our hands just as much as our feet. And eventually we had no choice but to climb hand over hand up dry river beds and dry waterfall ledges. It was incredible and exhilarating. Alexander and Victoria could not get enough of the rock climbing. After about 2 hours of “hiking” we reached the top. It was probably no more than about 2 miles from the beach but as you can imagine the going was very slow and very taxing. We stayed at the top overlooking the Sea of Cortez and then we slowing made our way back down. It took just as long to go down as it did to go up. We did stop at two or three of the rock climbing places to let Victoria and Alexander go up and then down them again a few times. They really enjoy rock climbing. After we got back to the boat Ashley and I were spent so we had a quiet afternoon doing school work and practicing our Spanish. We are headed back to La Paz in the morning because we are out of fresh veggies and fruits. It should be a short visit allowing just enough time to provision and then head back to the islands. It will also give us a chance to have internet access so that we can post a few of these updates.

Nearing the top of our canyon hike
Let the climbing begin
Alexander giving pointers
Water hole at the base of a climb
Our future rock climber!

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