Cruising Families

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Cruising Families

Up until now we have more or less been on our own. Now again we will share an anchorage with other boats in which we exchange pleasantries but not much more. After all the crazy weather we have had for the last week or so we found ourselves entering Bahia San Gabriel again. This is the large bay at the southern end of Isla Espiritu Santo that we had previously anchored in.  When we arrived there were two other boats at anchor. Within 4 hours there were 15. One of the boats was a family from Vancouver Island British Columbia that we had been trying to meet up with. They have three daughters and a son. Another boat we had met while at the dock in La Paz but missed opportunities to spend any quality time together. They are a family of four with a son and a daughter from Switzerland living in Wyoming. And yet another boat was a family of six from Europe. All told there were 12 kids in the anchorage. We met up and went snorkeling together on one occasion and we went on a grueling multi-peak hike on another occasion. One evening we all met for a night of various musical performances. There was some serious talent on display to include guitar, keyboard, uclele, and even an accordion. I offered to play the radio or sing and dance however Victoria, Alexander, and Ashley all steadfastly recommended they all politely decline. The following evening the parents all met for dinner while the kids all got together and had a movie night on another boat. The evening was superb, dinner was fantastic, and the company even better. It was really beautiful to see four couples from all across the globe and all across the social economical spectrum bound by a love of travel, exploration and the sea. The next day two other boats with families arrived in the bay. Our friends from S/V Kryie and S/V Tulum 5 both arrived after hearing our  boat name on the radio. They have a combined five other kids all Victoria and Alexander’s age. We spent the days playing on the beach and snorkeling on the nearby reefs.

Alexander and Victoria leading the way up the hillside
Cruising and hiking families from across the globe
Anchorage full of “kid boats”
Cruising kids playing in Alexander’s dinghy
Best friends enjoying a ridge top view
Alexander and Victoria overlooking our anchorage
All the cruising kids made it to the summit!
Crawling our way to the top!

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