Heading Home

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The alarm went off at 5am. We did our usual preparations for weighing anchor. We got the boat running, Dan took Ranger to shore, and Ashley got the electronics on. Once he was back we raised the dinghy, then the anchor and were leaving the cove by 530. We have close to 20 hours before we’re home so there’s no point in both of us being up and tired so Ashley went back to bed for a few hours. She got up with the kids and it was the usual breakfast and morning routine. Since we didn’t get fuel at Refuge Cove we stopped at Garden Bay, Powell River for fuel, about 9am and continued the long trek South. There hasn’t been any wind and none is forecasted so we’re just motoring. It’s a monotonous sound that grates the nerves after a while so Dan went forward to Victoria’s top bunk for some sleep. Ashley and the kids are on watch. The kids pass the time playing cards and chess. They really aren’t bothered by the long days on the boat, it doesn’t seem any different to them as if we were just hanging out on the boat anchored or at the dock. Such adaptable little ones! We never did have wind so motored all the way home. We pulled in to the marina around midnight and were snug in bed by 12:30.


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