Bottom Job – Sept / Oct 2017

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Samadhi got pulled out of the water for 3 weeks for some work. She got black bottom paint (goodbye Pacific blue!) and the work yard did a few other odd jobs for us.
We also took the opportunity to wet sand the hull, compound, polish, and wax since the gel coat was pretty chalky. It took us 50 man hours to complete. Thank goodness we had use of the lifts in the yard.
We started by using a heavy duty cutting compound and found that wasn’t improving the situation. So off to the store for some sandpaper. Seeing Samadhi on the lift makes me a bit queasy… taking sandpaper to the hull was enough to make me want to throw up. But alas Dan was correct, the only way to cut thru the chalk and get the compound to bite was to wet sand. Ashley wet sanded the entire boat on one lift and Dan followed on the other with the compound, polish, and wax. We eventually worked on the same lift separating into 2 sections, so much faster that way. Samadhi doesn’t look brand by any means (she’s now 30!) but we’re hoping this work will make it easier to keep the hull looking good in the future. We need to do the same to the topside but that will have to wait till spring…

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