Sucia Island – May 25-27, 2017

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May 25, 2017

Ashley and the kids picked Dan up from the bus stop in Everett. It makes more sense all around for him to drive in then take the bus there rather than drive home after work or Ashley and the kids pick him up from work. With th.ose two scenarios someone ends up in the car for way longer than is necessary and we don’t save any time at all. It’s the start of Memorial Day weekend so we are expecting it to be busy no matter where we go. Sucia is the our favorite and has the largest anchorage so that’s where we’re headed. The sunset was gorgeous tonight and it was almost 1030 before it was actually “dark”. We had little wind and calm conditions so motored over, dropping the anchor about 1145pm. We were settled and in bed just after midnight and are looking forward to waking up to Sucia.

May 26-27, 2017

It was great to wake up at achor in Echo Bay. Friday and Saturday there are going minus tides so we’re looking forward to exploring Ewing Cove. We were expecting it to be great. Any low tide at Ewing gives us tons to look at but this was completely unexpected. The only thing we didn’t find on our handy species chart was an octopus. Victoria amazes us EVERY SINGLE time we go exploring with how many species she correctly identifies, how in the world she sees them all and on top of that how she catches some of them! We found orange and purple starfish, Victoria found lots of baby starfish and a blood star. We saw lots of little shrimp and flat fish that were about an inch long and had perfect sandy looking camouflage. We’re guessing they’re baby halibut or sole. Dan and Alexander found a sea cucumber. We also saw the usual crabs and anemones multiplied by 100. We headed back to the marina in the afternoon and got a great view of Mt. Baker on the way back.DSC_017620170525_21240820170525_21434620170526_123601(1)20170526_12360120170526_135714(1)20170527_092056DSC_0048DSC_0050DSC_0060DSC_0074DSC_0089DSC_0090DSC_0093DSC_0096DSC_0099DSC_0139DSC_0146DSC_0147DSC_0149DSC_0152DSC_0155DSC_0156DSC_0169

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