Valentine’s Day at Blake Island – February 14, 2015

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Date: February 13-14, 2015

Weather: Sunny, 40’s

Wind: Calm

Onboard: Dan, Ashley, Victoria, Alex & Ranger

It’s our 2nd trip to Blake Island. The trip up was uneventful. We grabbed a mooring buoy this time. It turns out it’s probably the last time we’ll grab a Washington State Parks buoy. They changed them out shortly after this with newer ones that are explicitly marked that 45′ is the max boat length. Oh wait, we did grab a new once… for a bit… until the ranger stopped by to tell us we were TOO BIG for the buoy. The kids enjoyed the beach as usual. We saw eagles eating lunch on the beach. Dorothy and Dennis brought SloJourn up and watched the kids so Dan and Ashley could run the Blake Island trails… we got 7 miles in! Victoria has claimed the top bunk as hers. Alex sleeps in the other cabin for naps but bottom bunk at night. These kids love their boat beds and sleep better at night on Samadhi than they do at home.

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