Dockton Trip – January 17-18, 2015

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Date: Jan 17,fb_img_14867492150311 2015

Weather: mid 50’s

Wind: Calm

Onboard: Dan, Ashley, Victoria, Alex and Ranger

Location: Commencement Bay-Dockton

Notes: It is our first weekend taking Samadhi out. We went to Dockton State park with Dennis following us on his boat, SloJourn. We are a little nervous about how we are going to get Ranger from the dingy to the boat. Ashley has spent hours creating a carpeted ramp for him to climb up. Dennis is prepared to bring Ranger home if he cannot learn how to climb up his ramp. We put the dingy in the water and Ranger jumped right in like he has done it a thousand times. Good, but getting back to the boat will be the challenge. Before going to shore we wanted to see if our plan was going to work. Ashley cleared the path, laid out her contraption, Dennis standing by in his dingy, kids were told to stay down below, both Dan and Ashley were in lifejackets in case Ranger knocked us in the water in the coming pandemonium. Dan brought the dingy and Ranger behind the boat. We all were encouraging him to climb up the carpet and to be brave. We all were expecting at least Dan and Ranger to end up in the water. Ranger took one look at all of us, then the contraption and carpet that Ashley created, back to Dan and then he jumped. He jumped over everything and smoothly onto the boat and went and laid down waiting for the next event. We worried about nothing. This dog is a boat dog! We had a great day at the park and the kids now love Dockton. We spent our first night at anchorage. Everything worked very well. The kids slept the entire night. We motored back to the marina the next day.

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