Puerto Vallarta area (Banderas Bay)

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We arrived in the late afternoon to La Cruz Marina. Here we topped off our fuel tanks and took a slip for the night. I was nice to go for a walk on dry land after three days at sea. We walked up to a small restaurant that had some of the best pizza in Mexico. It is not an inexpensive place to eat in fact you could argue it was a little more than if we were in the States. However, they make an amazing caprese salad, some of the best jamica juice you can find and the pizza is as if it is right off the streets of New York City. The next morning we set of early to make it into  the narrow and shallow entrance of Paradise Village. We made it just in time as there was only a foot or two below our keel as we entered the harbor. After tying up and plugging in to power (for the A/C unit) we went about setting up the boat to stay in one place for a few weeks. After we were all set up the kids were anxious to show Grandma and Grandpa the resort and most importantly the waterslides. The next 10 days were a blur of pool time, bodyboarding on the beach, playing beach volleyball (for me) and lots and lots of Grandma and Grandpa time. Unfortunately Grandma and Grandpa do not have a boat so the time came when they needed to head back to the States. It was a sad goodbye made more difficult due to the unknown of when we will be able to meet again.

When it was just the four of us again the projects began again with gusto. Samadhi got a deep deep cleaning as well as some much needed cosmetic touch ups and improvements. The kids got back into a much more rigorous school schedule but there reward at the end of a school days was trying to decide which pool to play in or to go play in the 85 degree surf, or to play tennis all of which were a 2 minute walk from our boat. Alexander was able to make three friends while playing in the pool and he looked forward to playing with them each afternoon. One of his buddies, Victor, is a really great kid, always polite, accommodating in his play and just a really good friend. Coincidentally, Victor and his mother are from Olympia Washington and were here on vacation. Nicholas, Nickoli and Cruz were three other friends Alexander made at the pool. They were locals here on a extended weekend with their parents and other members of their extended family. There was definitely a language barrier as the three boys know about as much English and Alexander knows Spanish but they did not let that stop them from having a great time together. Ashley and I chatted with their parents for some time getting the ins and outs of Puerto Vallarta. It was funny when their mother would encourage her boys to practice their English and we would tell Alexander to only speak Spanish.

After a couple of weeks at Paradise Village we moved back to the town of La Cruz. While the resort amenities of Paradise Village are nice we do not feel it is authentic Mexico so we needed to move on. La Cruz de Huanacaxtle on the other hand is a quintessential Mexican seaside town. We continued some of our smaller projects on Samadhi such as getting some shade cloth up to keep the boat cooler during the heat of the day. It also makes it so Ranger does not need to go up and down the ladder to get below to find shade. There is a great running path around the Marina so we were able to go for some really nice sunrise runs. We visited a few of the local restaurants in town and we did our shopping in the local tiendas. In La Cruz it is much easier to be a part of the community when the community is not a huge resort complex.

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