Getting Back to Samadhi

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After our last camping trip we headed to Ashley’s mom’s house. There we began selling anything that we acquired over the last 15 months that was not coming back to Samadhi. This included our car, our car top storage, bike racks, our bikes L and a few other odds and ends. It all went fairly quickly and we recovered most of what we had spent. We also got to spend some good quality time with Deb and Dave as hurricane Murphy moved into their home and did not seem to move on. Eventually, everything sold with the exception of my bike (funny how that worked out). We stored this a few other things we did not what to just give away at John’s house.  In the couple of weeks that we were in Western Washington we were able to squeeze in a half marathon trail run and a Ragnar race for me and Ashley and the kids were able to participate in a kids Spartan race. I also was able to run a Spartan race with some good friends before we said good bye again. As we began planning our drive back to Mexico and Samadhi the idea of my parents joining us on Samadhi popped into my head. When asked if they wanted to come my parents were quick to seize the opportunity for my grandkid time. So we rented a 15 passenger van and loaded it to its limit. We took 26 hours to drive from Washington to Phoenix where we left the kids and my parents while Ashley and I continued to Mexico to unload the van. Once we had the van unloaded and mostly put away in Samadhi we returned for the kids and my parents. It was a hectic and frustrating 2 weeks while we got everything working and serviced and cleaned for Samadhi to go back into the water. But it all got done and we launched on a breezy afternoon and made our way to the dock. We still had a few things to work on and we were waiting on one final part to arrive. My parents were able to get a taste of Mexico and spend some relaxing time with Victoria and Alexander before we headed in the Sea of Cortez.

Alexander was pretty excited about the going away breakfast we had and Nani’s.
We celebrated Alexander’s 9th birthday and said good bye to my extended family at my Aunt Merry Ellen’s place. Here are Alexander and Victoria with three of their cousins.
Alexander putting on a clinic on how to run an obstacle race.
Victoria blasting up and over the wall. At this point there was not another girl around her!
Alexander splashing thru the cold, slippery and muddy water. Basically a perfect day for him!
Alexander does not even slow down over the walls.
Here he is closing the gap on a boy two years older than him.
Victoria, “girls, follow me!”
Victoria’s turn in the mud.
Did we mention is was very very slippery!
That is our spartan! He was the youngest in the race because his dad told a little white lie about his age to get him into the longer distance race. Come on a 1 mile race would have been boring for him and he won his age group in this race. 🙂
Samadhi with new bottom paint on and going back to the water.
One of my many trips across the US Mexican border while getting Samadhi ready to go cruising again.
Alexander and I eating an amazing restaurant outside of the tourist zone in Puerto Penasco.

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