Steamboat Springs

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Before we turned west and began our slow and circuitous route back to the PNW we spent a couple of days at Steamboat Springs State Park. It was a relaxing few days catching up on school and organizing our upcoming adventure with Team H. I was able to get in a few lung busting rides as everything in Steamboat Springs is super steep and very long. Ashley did join me on one of my rides and we met a friendly black bear on the trail less than 50 feet from us. I tried to get a few pictures and a video but it wasn’t having it and it made a half hearted charge at me until I yelled at it to stop. It did stop and kindly wandered back into the bushes. We also hiked to the summit of a mountain that gave us a beautiful 360 degree view of the surrounding mountains. The primary reason for us to visit Steamboat Springs was to go on a particular hike, unfortunately a fire in that vicinity ended those plans. So instead we decided to have another day of downhill mountain biking at one of the resorts in town. It turned out to be a fantastic day for us however, Grandpa Murphy paid for one of his wipeouts for nearly 2 months. I think it is because when I told him to get up and rub some dirt on it and he would be OK. He didn’t. 

A bear on our mountain bike trail.
She gave us a half hearted charge but after we yelled at her she broke it off and was on her way.
Alexander riding the chair lift up on a day of downhill mountain biking
Me and my best buddy looking down from our latest summit hike.
These two choose this climb instead of swimming in the lake. They sure love to experience life even when it takes a lot of work to do so.
Me and my best girl looking down from our latest summit hike.

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