Lake Havasu

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After leaving Catspa (short for Catalina Spa and Resort) we headed for the Arizona side of Lake Havasu and Lake Havasu City. We got back to our roots and found a great spot on BLM land overlooking a beautiful desert wash. It was nice to be back in a more natural environment and a place where Ranger could be off leash. Ranger spent many hours exploring and wandering around the wash with Alexander and Victoria as they free ranged around. We were 15 minutes outside of Lake Havasu City surrounded by desert, rocky hills and sandy washes. Now we are no fans of the de

sert but the scenery here was pretty cool even without the big evergreen trees that we prefer. In the city we found an amazing park with 100’s of miles of mountain bike trails. We spent two days exploring these trails. They were flowing, smooth, singletrack trails. They took us up hillsides, along ridgelines, down into sandy washes and thru beautiful valleys. Again the rocky, hilly, rugged terrain was actually quite beautiful. In the town we found an amazing city park that had some really great attractions. The park had a 1 mile paved loop with exercise stations along the route. We took advantage of this and had a workout day here completing 3 laps as onlookers watched this crazy family working hard. The park was on the lake’s edge so after the workout Victoria and I cooled off in the 62 degree lake. I thought it felt great Victoria not so much. Another great thing about this park was it’s skate park. We have never seen such a comprehensive skate park before. There were obstacles for every level of skater. Victoria and Alexander rode their scooters for hours here. At a different park in the city were some pickle ball courts. Many mornings I would get up and drive to the park for some highly competitive pickle ball. At Catspa I was one of the better players by time we left. Here at Lake Havasu City I was probably at the top of the bottom half. I was able to pick up a few pointers for some of the professionals that play and practice there. We spent 10 days at the BLM land. We continued doubling up of school days, we rode out a few wind storms and I made a quick trip to Samadhi.  We ended up staying a few more days than we had planned due to the beautiful and convenient location. Our plan for Lake Havasu City was just a few days stop for mountain biking. However, after experiencing everything here we would not hesitate to come back a stay a little longer, in the winter of course.

The view from our backyard at the BLM land outside of Lake Havasu City
More of our view.
Alexander helps to unload and set up our camp as I test out the camp chairs.
Mountain biking Sara Park in Lake Havasu City
Alexander, Victoria and Ashley bombing down the trails amongst the rocky terrain.
down the hill
still going down.
And then back up the other side.
The kids were all smiles after the day of riding!
We visited the London Bridge in Lake Havasu City. Pay attention that has been a Jeopardy question.
Working out at the Rotary City Park in Lake Havasu City
20 reps of each machine and back to running the path. 3 laps and we are done.
Victoria climbing the hills behind our campsite. Our RV is just above her left shoulder.
The BLM RV site our home for the 10 days we spent at Lake Havasu.
Climbing the hills behind our site.
Sunset view from our little hilltop behind our campsite.
You can just see Lake Havasu to the right in the distance.
Another sunset from our hilltop looking down on the camping area.
Alexander and Victoria enjoying one of our evening hikes in this open, and rugged land.
This little coyote had no fear of me, at least until I let Ranger out.

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