Crater Lake

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We are on our way south to get back to the summer weather that we have become accustomed to. However, we were so close to one of the most beautiful sites in the entire world, so we just had to stop and see Crater Lake.  Ashley found a nice state park 30 miles from the entrance to Crater Lake so we stopped there for the remainder of our 10 free days in Oregon. We got up early in the morning and loaded our cold weather clothes in the car. Near the crater the temperatures were in the mid 30s while at the campground the temperatures were in the 60s. As we drove to the summit I told Alexander and Victoria about how beautiful the lake will be. They both have visited many places that offer some amazing scenery so I was curious as to what their reaction would be when they see the lake. As we neared the craters edge they kept catching quick peek a boo glimpses of the lake but never the full view. Once we parked the car the kids put on their warm clothes and rushed over to the viewpoint. It was really special seeing them react to the amazing views that Crater Lake offers its visitors. They would not stop talking about the blue of the lake and how it looked just like a crater of a volcano. We decided to take a hike up to a ridge that gave an even better view of the lake and crater. At the top of the hike Victoria and Alexander were gushing on and on about how beautiful and natural their surrounding were and how great it made them feel. Before hiking to the viewpoint we stopped and read about how the lake was formed and why its water is so pure. Alexander and Victoria pointed out many of the features that we learned about in the reading when we were on the summit of our hike overlooking the lake.

Ashley and the kids on the lower rim outside the visitor center of Crater Lake
Dan, Victoria, and Alexander on the lower rim of Crater Lake
Alexander in his normal position leading the way up the hill
Victoria and Ashley struggling to keep up with Alexander’s uphill pace
Ashley, Victoria and Alexander on the upper ridge at Crater Lake
Hiking down from the rim at Crater Lake
The rim at Crater Lake
School day outside for Victoria
Alexander having a school day outside
Our road side campground on the way from Crater Lake

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