On the Road Again

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We spent the next couple of weeks getting our motor home ready for us to live in for the next year. We updated the lights from fluorescent to LEDs, we installed some storage bins, and completed a major service on the engine and generator. We also packed our things, arranged them, then unpacked them and packed everything again and arranged them all again. These coaches are not designed for four people to live in long term. After a few attempts we were able to pack everything in and be on our way. Our first stop was Salmon La Sac. We did not want to drive too far as I was still getting used to driving this behemoth. We found a nice dispersed camping area and set up camp for a couple of days. It was nice to just get away from the city and begin figuring out all the systems in the coach. We were not able to stay too long because we all wanted to get back to Moab before the weather became too cold. We did get a chance to do something that both Victoria and Alexander have been asking to do for quite some time. The kids both got to take their first shooting lesson. After an evening full of lessons on breathing techniques, trigger squeeze vs. trigger pull, muzzle discipline, recoil anticipation, range safety and target acquisition they both went to sleep late in the evening. Early the next morning we found a safe place to set up our targets. They both started with a .22 rifle but quickly mastered it and wanted more. So I pulled out their M4 and the fun began. The former soldier in me had a tear in my eye and a wicked grin on my face. Victoria was surgical with it, hitting our 150 meter targets effortlessly.  Alexander had a little trouble holding it in a standing position but was nice and accurate in a kneeling position. He did prefer the .22 though and exhausted all of our .22 ammunition. Ashley also sent some rounds down range with both rifles and then re-qualified with her pistol.  Victoria and Alexander had a blast and as happy to see them smile and having fun as I was I was equally happy with the fact that despite their excitement they never for a second lost their focus on safety.

Our new set up.
Victoria with her M4 (Antifa Gen 2)
Victoria firing her .22 (This quickly became too elementary for her)
Who says tree hugging, animal loving, vegetarian, liberals can’t shoot?
Alexander firing his .22
Alexander firing his M4

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