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We enjoyed our time in Cody, Wyoming and the two National Parks but we were ready to get back to an area where people were following the CDC guidelines and wearing face coverings in public.  Ashley somehow convinced me to drive straight from Yellowstone all the way to the west side of the Rocky Mountains in Northern Colorado. That is well beyond our agreed upon limit of driving. In fact we left Yellowstone at 9:30 in the morning and we did not get to our campsite until 4 am with only a quick power nap alongside the road at 2 am. I don’t know how she puts her spell on me but I drove as she directed. (Ok, maybe I do know how she works her magic on me, but who am I to argue with her powers of persuasion). Either way we got to Colorado and found a first come first served campsite that worked perfectly for us. Our first day was spent recovering from the long drive and welcoming Grandma and Grandpa to the spot right next to us. Our next few days we got to know the area in which we planned on spending the next three weeks. Sunset Point Campground is right on Lake Grandby and is run by the absolute most kind, committed and hardworking camp hosts we have ever met. Frank and Michelle are on top of everything with a keen eye and a welcoming smile. In our last month of campground living we have not seen the host but a few times. We see these two a few times a day as they strive to keep the campground clean and ready for new visitors. They are always asking people if they need anything, any directions to activities and if their guests are having a good time. Lake Grandby is less than 30 meters away from our campsite. It has a nice pebble beach and cool water for swimming. We all really wish we had found room for our inflatable stand up paddle board. Our campsite is only a 15 minute drive from the small town of Grandby CO and 35 minutes from the towns of Fraser and Winter Park CO. Granby does not have much to offer us but it does have a nice park with lighted tennis courts, playground and running track. We spent many days playing pickle-ball with Grandma and Grandpa. Victoria and Alexander played for hours on the playground while Ashley and I played pickle-ball or used the exercise equipment next to the playground. We also used the track around the football field for the local high school. It was conveniently attached to the playground by a short dirt trail. Even Grandma and Grandpa got out and walked/jogged some laps. At one time three generations of Murphy boys were jogging side-by-side on the track. It was really great jogging with my son and dad at the same time. In the towns of Fraser and Winter Park there are many mountain bike trails to choose from. My dad and I did the recon on one trail system to find some good trails that would also work for the kids. On our first ride we flew down a hill to pass within 25 feet of a huge bull moose and his mate. My dad told me he was glad I did not slow down because this time of season the male moose have only two things on their mind. Mating and fighting and it was best if we were not there for either. I would bring Alexander, Victoria and Ashley back to these trails multiple times as they had the perfect combination of climbing, single track and elevation gain for two young mountain bikers riding at elevation. We were lucky enough on our second outing to see the male moose. This time we were at a much safer distance and we were able to stop and watch him for a while. We had Ranger with us and he did not even notice the 1300 lb animal in the meadow below. On another ride we were flying down a trail when just ahead and to the right of us two male moose were standing just off the trail. Alexander was on point with Victoria just on his heels. I was right just behind her with Ashley bringing up the rear. I saw the moose and yelled for an emergency stop. Both kids locked up their brakes and quickly came to a stop. I call them both to come behind me and to get ready to run into the trees. At this point the moose were less than 40 ft away.  Alex and Victoria both dropped their bikes in the moose’s path and got behind me. Ranger came up to me and looked to be prepared to meet the moose. Luckily for all of us the moose seemed in no mood for a fight and quickly made their way across the trail and up the hill out of our path. It was quite an exciting brush with nature.  We plan to be in this area at least until after Labor Day so I will keep you updated as we find new adventures.

Playing Pickleball with Grandma and Grandpa Murphy
Hiking with a former co-worker and his girlfriend who paid us a visit
My dad and I out mountain biking
Amazing camp hosts of Sunset Point Campground!

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