Methow Valley

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Before leaving Washington State there was one more place that we just had to visit. The small town of Winthrop is located in the beautiful Methow Valley (pronounced Met ow). Ashley and I had visited the Methow Valley once before and have talked about returning many times since. A friend reminded us of the great mountain biking in the area so that was enough for us to pencil Methow Valley into the itinerary. We told my parents that we were headed there so they met us at a campsite in their RV. Now we had Grandma and Grandpa Murphy to hike and bike with not to mention watch the kids while Ashley and I went on our own adventures or conducted maintenance on the trailer, ie servicing the fire extinguishers. Our campsite was way out in the woods along a winding paved road that seemed to mimic each bend in the river that ran next to it.  The campground itself offered little more than a parking spot, pit toilet and bad tasting water. The setting though could not be beat. We were deep in the woods and we shared the entire campground with only two other camping parties who were on the far side of us. On our first morning I rose early and left to scout out mountain bike trails that would be suitable for the kids. Victoria and Alexander spent the day playing with Grandma and Grandpa Murphy while Ashley took advantage for their Keurig machine in the morning and their ice machine in the afternoon. I found some amazing trails and a fantastic little lake with warm water and a nice beach. When I got back to camp the kids did not want to stop playing with their grandparents to go riding, and since they had not seen much of them for nearly a year I was happy to have a quiet afternoon at our campground. That same evening all 6 of us rode our bikes down the forest service road to a short hike and a magnificent waterfall. Some of us took the opportunity to cool off in the small river below the waterfall in anticipation of the 4 mile uphill bike ride back to camp.  The water was very chilly yet refreshing. The next morning I again got up at sunrise and drove into the town of Winthrop and the biking trails.  I had an awesome time on some amazing trails. I stopped for breakfast before going back to the campground and took a few minutes to walk through the town before most people were out and about. When I returned I told Ashley that when the day for us to stop moving came we should find our way back to the Methow Valley.

The view from the top of the bike trail system on Sun Mountain
Dan and Grandpa Murphy cooling off in the creek
Ashley decides to try the cold water rinse
hiking back down from the waterfall
Grandpa and Grandma Murphy with their grand-kids. Waterfall behind them.
The always helpful Alexander loves to do his part when setting up camp!

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