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Loreto is a small town about a third of the way up the inside of the Baja peninsula. There is a very nice and protected bay just south of town call Puerto Escondido.  From here (under normal circumstances) cruisers are able to anchor or use the marina and take a taxi or bus into Loreto to provision and explore the town. As these are anything but normal circumstances we opted to just stop at the fuel dock to top off our fuel tanks and use their fresh water hose to wash our boat. Samadhi has not had a proper bath for months, so it was nice to give the topsides a thorough fresh water rinse. We arrived at the fuel dock two hours before they opened so as to avoid any unnecessary contact. The security guard came over to us and we asked permission to wash the boat while we waited for the fuel dock to open. As is most always the case in the wonderfully friendly and helpful country he did not hesitate and told us to top off our water tanks too. We love this country! After Samadhi’s bath and topping off fuel and water we set course for a small island just east of town. We anchored in a picturesque cove and we all immediately dove into the crystal clear water. We spent three days exploring the cove and the rest of the island. We met an amazing family on S/V Blue Goose with two boys whose ages were a perfect match for our kids. We spent two days swimming, climbing, jumping, wrestling, snorkeling, paddling, exploring and just doing as three rambunctious boys do when they have nature as their playground.  On one of our hikes on the island we came across a sign that told us that dogs were not allowed on this island or any of the next two we planned on visiting. It is very important to us to abide by the stated rules even if often they are more like guidelines. So we said our goodbyes to S/V Blue Goose picked up anchor and sailed north.

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