Locked up in Mexico

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Almost as soon as we arrived in La Paz the Corona Virus began to arrive in Mexico in full force. For our first few days we saw zero signs of any changes in behavior. However, soon the government began shutdowns and requirements for social distancing. Mexico has halted most all tourism to the extent that they have closed most all hotels, resorts and timeshare condos. All tour boats are no longer allowed to leave port. Some other changes are that the community parks and boardwalks are closed for use. All restaurants are closed for dining in. Only one person is allowed in the smaller stores at time. Masks must be worn at all times when in the public. Families are not allowed to leave their homes together. Only one person at a time is supposed to go out to run errands. The navy drives their ships through the anchorage telling people to remain on their boats and only go to shore for necessary supplies. And that is exactly what we have been doing. Other than all that, it is still easy to get anything that you need. Taxis are running, Uber drivers are easy to find and grocery stores and markets are all open and fully stocked. The locals that we encounter all seem to be in their typically upbeat and happy spirits. Everyone seems to be taking the changes in stride and with a positive attitude.We had a failure of a major system on our boat so we had to have a part delivered to us. However, due to the shipping limitations we were not able to have it shipped here. So Ashley had it shipped to San Diego and flew there to pick it up. While she was in the U.S. again she took the time to pick up a few things that are hard to find in Mexico. She also was able to do our taxes and renew her vista. We were a little worried about flying based on all the negative reports. However, she flew there and back with no problem and no interaction with any groups of people. In fact, on her plane to San Diego there was only four passengers on the plane. And on her way back there were only 3 other passengers. She came back with 100 lbs of stuff in two large suitcases. While she was gone I was able to top off our food stores to the absolute maximum. I topped off our water and fuel supplies as well. Our plan is now to head north into the Sea of Cortez where the population is very very sparse and spend the next month or two enjoying the islands, the warm waters and great hikes. Samadhi is provisioned so that we will not need to come to a port for at least a month. And if we are willing to forgo fresh vegetables we can probably go three months. We plan to find local farms to resupply the fresh fruits and vegetables whenever possible. And we have tomato, lettuce, spinach, and pepper plants growing on the decks of Samadhi. We will be sharing the sea with many like minded cruisers who are here in La Paz provisioning and getting ready to leave themselves. And after a two week isolation period for everyone we will all return to cruising the sea as before.

Driving through the anchorage announcing the current restrictions (in Spanish)
17 packages

Consolidated to 2 bags! 51lbs each + a backpack

Only 4 passengers on board. Only 2 in coach.

Ticketing at Los Cabos – EMPTY!

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