Punta de Mita

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The La Cruz anchorage is about 10 miles into Banderas Bay. Once we rounded the northern tip of the bay we set a course to La Cruz. However we noticed that friends of ours were anchored just inside the bay at a place called Punta de Mita. We quickly adjusted plans and put down our anchor at the Punta Mita anchorage. Punta de Mita was once a quiet little fishing village. As tourism expanded throughout the bay it brought resorts and surfers to this beautiful little spot. Punta de Mita has many nice surf breaks and surfers can be seen on the beaches and in the surf all hours of the day. We did not have the anchor down for five minutes before Alexander heard the surf breaking and he began pulling out his boogie board.  We spent 3 days at Punta de Mita visiting with the four other kid boats (from our home marina in Seattle!), playing on the beach and boogie boarding. There was not much in the small town but we did go for many walks through both the commercial and residential streets. It was nice to show the kids what life in this small fishing village was like for the locals. We visited the local grocery store and topped off our supplies. Both Alexander and Victoria are getting very familiar with the Mexican brands of our favorite foods. After a few days at Punta de Mita we were anxious to head to La Cruz and find out more about this kids club that were had heard so much about.

Ranger is glad to be in harbor
Victoria enjoying a farmer’s market
Alexander sampling the local cuisine
Victoria left our mark on a local restaurant

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