Settling into our Routine

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2020 brought the Murphy family a little bit more of the same. We spent most of the first part of January at our new favorite island Isla de San Fransico. We were able to refocus on school for the kids and Spanish for me and Ashley. We also went on many great hikes all throughout the island. We spent many days at the beach and did a little snorkeling. The temperatures are cooling off and we no longer feel the need to swim every day. When we first arrived in the Sea of Cortez the water temperature was in the low 80’s (F). Now it is in the 60’s (F). One morning I noticed that we were wearing pants and sweatshirts as each of us were working on our Spanish. I went over to the temperature gauge and was surprised to see it reading 71 (F). Oh how quickly we all have acclimated. We are now in La Paz again topping off our fresh food supplies and filling my scuba tanks. We are also looking into the possibility of sailing to Mazatlan or Puerto Vallarta for a month or two. We will see what happens.

Taking a snack break as we climb to one of the many peaks on Isla de San Francisco.
We started in the small bay just above Victoria’s head.
Victoria and Ranger at the peak
One of our summits. Giganta Mountain Range in the distance.
Those are some serious hikers!
Taken from Samadhi anchored in our favorite spot on Isla de San Francisco. Giganta Mt range in the distance.
Our favorite little bay on Isla de San Francisco. Also the trail head for many of our hikes on the island.
The kids and Ranger had this beach to themselves for the afternoon.
Alexander, Victoria and Ranger on their way to the beach. Just the three of them for the afternoon.
Looking down the arroyo to our beach with a very windy Sea of Cortez in the distance.
The view from the far side of our little cove. Rogue One is anchored just off the beach.
Alexander and Victoria bouldering on one of our hikes. Rogue One is anchored just off the beach below.
Alexander and Ashley on the hunt for lizards.
Ashley overlooking a windy channel just outside our anchorage.
A very windy day at the peak. We could really lean into the wind up there.
Alexander never misses an opportunity to go bouldering.
Victoria teaching us about various cacti

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