The Gateway to the Sea of Cortez- The City of La Paz

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We spent 4 days at the Marina de la Paz. We spent that time working on a few boat projects and servicing various systems. We also took the opportunity to get out and experience the vibrant culture of this spectacular city. We met up with friends of ours and took a walk through the city in search of whatever we find. So four adults and 5 kids all took in the sights, sounds and smells all brand new to all of us. Our first stop was a marcado (market) that had fresh from the farm fruits, vegetables, eggs and meats. It also had fresh from the sea seafood of all different types. We loaded up all that we could carry. We also found a place that made fresh flour or corn tortillas that just melted in your mouth. We found a way to make room in our backpacks for two bags of those. The mercado also had freshly made food so we all stopped and had lunch there to. We visited another area that had many booths where people offered various handmade crafts. On our way back we took the seaside path that runs the entire length of the city along the shoreline called the Malecon. This path is where many of the citizens of La Paz spend a lot of their time with family and friends. There are picnic tables, beaches and many open areas for kids to just run around and play all along the path. There are many playgrounds along the path for all levels of ability. One of the playgrounds is a bike and skate park that offers various exercise stations. And there is another complete playground designed and reserved for kids with various physical limitations. Across the street from the Malecon is every store or restaurant you could need. There a biking path right next to the Malecon for those who wish to explore the city on two wheels. The Malecon has something for everyone and it is all right there on the Sea of Cortez. Each morning Ranger and I would get up and go for a run along the Malecon before it got too hot. And we were not alone, hundreds of La Paz citizens had the same idea. And everyone was so welcoming to the gringo and his perro grande (big dog). Our days flew by so quickly so we are now off to Isla Espiritu Santo which is a national park about 20 miles northeast of La  Paz. We expect to spend the next month or two in the national park. As we leave La Paz our biggest takeaway is that we really appreciated that there was such a vibrant and thriving middleclass. La Paz is not Cabo. There are not hotels and resorts everywhere. There are very few tourists walking the streets. So it was a pleasure being a part of true Mexican culture and lifestyle.

The Malecon

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